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Plumbing components

Whitehorse’s First Response Plumber

Ray’s Plumbing is a division and a transformation of Gonderosa Inc. which was founded by Ray’s father in 1968 as water and sewer installers. As a second-generation plumber, Ray has the experience, tools and skills to handle nearly any plumbing problem. Ray is a born and raised Yukoner, committed to helping home owners in Whitehorse and throughout the Yukon with their plumbing emergencies.

Ray is a professional first responder for plumbing emergencies and has helped hundreds of customers deal with urgent plumbing problems both in person and over the phone. If a water line bursts inside your wall and your home starts to flood, don’t panic; just call Ray! He’ll help you find a temporary fix to stop the leak until he can arrive to solve the problem. Plumbing troubles don’t pick and choose when or where they arise, so having a plumber who answers his phone at 2 AM can save you thousands of dollars in damage.

Fast Plumbing Repairs for Homes and Businesses

Ray understands that you depend on your water supply so your family can shower, use the bathroom and be ready for school and work the next day. That is why he makes it a priority to be on site within the hour to make repairs. Ray responds to both residential and commercial needs. His clients range from individuals to government and corporate agencies.

General Plumbing Services

Although Ray’s main focus is responding to plumbing emergency calls, he also offers a full spectrum of plumbing services. All Ray’s work is guaranteed. Ray refrains from wearing a cape, only because it does not comply with Occupational Health and Safety. If you are a tenant, landlord, property manager or business owner, Ray is a valuable asset in your corner. Give him a call and you’ll see that handling plumbing crises and dilemmas is his specialty.

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